An Engine of Creation

#Create365 is a personal creativity challenge designed to add to the sum total of the Universe, each and every day.

#Create365, January 1, 2019

It’s January 1, 2019… The beginning of a new year and the last step before we reach the “sci-fi” sounding years, 2020, etc.

For many people, thoughts turn to goals and aspirations, resolutions and affirmations. There’s a palpable sense of renewal in the air. That fact that the idea of a “New Year” is an artifice, an arbitrary construct devised to aid decidedly linear beings such as ourselves to keep things in order is frankly of little relevance.

It’s a symbolic marker, a waypoint along the road of life. It keeps things neat and tidy.

I’m not immune to this feeling. While I’m not one to create resolutions, I also don’t subscribe to the idea – oft heard by Those Who Apparently Know These Things – that they NEVER work. In order for that statement to be true, one would have to have spoken to every person who has ever made a resolution… Quite improbable I would suggest. Any argument build on such a flimsy and hyperbolic foundation is best ignored methinks.

As I stated, I don’t often make resolutions, but this year I have created for myself a challenge. I’ve decided to create something every day for the next 365 days.

“Now hang on,” I hear you cry, despite the fact that you’re typing. “That’s a bit ambitious isn’t it?”

Steady on dear reader and allow me to explain.

I’m not suggesting that every day I will create a work of art worthy of viewing in the Louvre, nor am I attempting to pen a Pulitzer Prize-winning essay every 24 hours.

The acts of creation I speak of can be as small or as large as they need to be. The idea is simply to bring something new into being every day.

It could take the form of a delicious dish I’ve never made before.

It could take the form of an essay (the Pulitzer is optional).

It could be an image born from my interest in (but sadly not my talent with) Photoshop.

It could be a single, beautiful sentence.

The finished product of my daily endeavours is not, in fact, the point.

The point is the process itself.

To put that another way: What I create is not as important as the fact that I am consciously creating.

I want to bring something into being each and every day. I want to add to the sum total of the Universe every 24 hours.

At the end of the year, I will have a body of work that I can be proud of – and I will be a better, more creative person as a result.

Many of my daily creations will likely end up here, as writing is my creative métier and raison d’être.

I’m calling this challenge, #Create365 and if you are reading these words, I offer you the opportunity to join in.

There’s no pressure, no need to show your work to anyone. This is entirely a personal challenge. As you do something small each day, something magical happens. You find your mind opening up. Ideas begin to form more easily and you start making connections you never considered before.

That my dear and long suffering reader, is creativity, and just like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

You ARE a living, breathing, walking, talking, cel phone-using, latte-sipping engine of creation, and it’s time to fire it up.

So join me won’t you? Let’s all engage in an act of creation, and add a little part of ourselves to the sum total of the Universe.

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We create every day, all day long, the key now is to create consciously, and I understand that’s what your commitment is about. I like the idea of consciously adding to the creative pool of the Universe 🙂

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