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Refresh your web copy with a special offer for 1/11!

dating via résumé?

Here’s a fun fact to know and tell:

A website is far more than an information source. If the only thing your website communicates is, “Here’s what I do” and “Here’s what it costs,” then you’re never going to get the most out of your site.

It’s like getting to know someone you’re dating by exchanging résumés… there’s information there, but no real connection.

Your audience deserves better than that. You deserve better than that.

the first impression

Your website is often the very first point of connection with your audience. This is the fist “meeting,” when those critical first impressions are made.

Much more than a virtual “storefront,” your website represents you, your personality, what you stand for and even what you stand against.

It helps your audience understand why you are the perfect choice to help them solve whatever problem they have.

It also makes it easy for clients to contact and work with you – a must when a million more similar products/services are a few mouse-clicks away.

How does your website do all these magical things? It’s not the pretty pictures that’s for sure. It happens through the power of the written word – the copy.

special offer for 1/11

In honour of 1/11, from Friday, January 11, 2019 until Midnight (EST) Friday, January 18, 2018, I’m offering my Website Copy Package for just $389!

That’s $111 off for those playing the home game…

Your website is so much more than a storefront. It’s you in digital form, a 24/7/365 brand ambassador that can connect to your audience even when you’re not there!

Check out the details below, and then hit the “Book a Call” button to begin.

website copy package

My Website Copy Package is a self-contained, infinitely adaptable service designed to ensure that your website speaks directly to your audience in a clear and powerful voice – yours.

What’s that? You’re looking for something a little more… bespoke? No problem at all! Hit the “Book a Call” button below and I’ll be happy to build a package to perfectly suit your requirements!

Here’s what you get:

  • Collaboration / kickoff meeting with me to determine tone and voice.
  • 1 Home page
  • 1 About page
  • 1 Services / Products page
  • 1 Contact page (or other page as required)
  • 12 Social media posts (tips, promos etc.) OR 3 blog posts (600-700 words each)
  • All edits and research as required.

Your copy should tell your story and sing your song loudly and proudly. If you’re looking to rebuild your website copy, or even to start from scratch, this is the PERFECT opportunity.

Remember: This offer is only active from January 11, 2019 until Midnight (EST) January 18, 2019!

Hit the button below and let’s get started!

Cost: $389 USD

(Regular Price: $500 USD)

work with me

So you think you'd like to work with me? Fantastic! Just hit the button-shaped button below to set up a quick call with me!

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