Marketing Funnel Package


Compelling marketing funnel content crafted by a real live copywriter that will make your audience sing!


Marketing funnels are powerful juju for entrepreneurs.

Using landing pages, value-filled, strategically timed emails and downloadable content, your audience is taken on a journey from a stranger to a trusted and delighted client ready to sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

They may even really sing. It’s happened. True story.

Of course, a marketing funnel only works if it has compelling content. What does that mean?

  • It means compelling ads that draw people to your landing page.
  • It means a landing page that speaks directly to the issue your audience wants to solve.
  • It means a piece of free downloadable content (often boringly called a “lead magnet”) that provides valuable information for your audience (tips, strategies, etc.).
  • It means properly timed emails that provide value, build credibility and encourage your audience to reach out.

Creating that much content requires insight, a way with words and of course, that most precious of resources to entrepreneurs, time.

As an entrepreneur, you certainly have the first, you may have the second, but do you have the third?

Like any self-respecting mad scientist, I’ve been slaving away in my lab – that is to say, my assistant Igor has been slaving; I’ve been busy shouting at him – creating a solution to all your marketing funnel needs.

I believe that my new package, cleverly named the “Marketing Funnel Content Package,” will provide you with all the content you could ever need for your funnel, while saving you precious time AND making it cost effective.

As the kids say, “Bang!” Or… “Boom!” I can never get it straight.

Behold: My Marketing Funnel Content Package!

You want benefits? I’ve got benefits:

  • A 100% customized set of emails, ads, guides and landing pages.
  • Tailor made copy for your specific business needs and unique brand voice.
  • Content that can be repurposed and adjusted as needed.

What you’ll get:

  • Collaboration / kickoff meeting with me to determine tone and voice.
  • 1 landing page.
  • 1 set of Facebook ads (5 ads total).
  • 1 set of emails (12 emails total).
  • 1 written guide / lead magnet (up to 6 pages).
  • 1 article / blog post.

Note: This package includes all necessary research and edits.


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