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Copywriting services designed to help entrepreneur-humans like you refine your messaging and connect with your audience.

your ideas, my words

Copy does far more than simply convey information. It draws a through-line from the heart of your business to the heart of your audience.


Blog Posts / Articles

Blogs are an easy way to share relevant information and build credibility with your audience.

Email Streams

Email marketing allows you to provide value and nurture relationships with prospective clients over time.


Press Releases

Press releases are powerful tools for getting information about an event or special offer into the hands of the media, bloggers and other influencers.

Web Copy

Your website is likely the first stop for much of your audience, so your copy needs to accurately reflect you and your brand.

Copy Editing

Sometimes copy just needs a refresh to reflect changes in your brand. Copy editing can breathe new life into your content.

Social Media

Engaging with your audience through social channels like Facebook and Twitter is a a great way to build long-term relationships.

copywriting packages

Entrepreneur-flavoured humans like yourself are often forced to work within limited budgets. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of high-quality copy. I’ve created some specific packages to address this need. Please note: These are only suggestions – reach out and we can create something more tailor-made to your specific requirements.


I've been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing human-shaped humans, and they've done me the honour of saying some terribly nice things about my work:

"You really are my saving grace... I hope you know that. Having you behind me has truly helped me conquer my fears. Your words have given me the confidence to try and be more visible."

Mariah Fiebiger

Mariah Linda Creative Studio

"Mackenzie was a pleasure to work with, he not only knew exactly what I wanted to say but he executed it perfectly. If you are looking for someone to create your content Mackenzie Clench Creative is your go to! He made the process painless and it was such a weight off my shoulders when it came to putting my website together!"

Josie Myers

"Holy fuck! How do you do that? Imma cry again. THANK YOU!"

Jess Blanche

Jess Blanche Coaching

work with me

So you think you'd like to work with me? Fantastic! Just hit the button-shaped button below to set up a quick call with me!

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